Welcome to Clear Sky Apps. We make and sell technologically advanced fitness and productivity apps with amazing design. Our apps have successfully helped over 25 Million people get into shape, live healthier, and be more productive. Our objective is to enrich people’s health and work lives with gorgeous apps that make life a little bit better.

The Clear Sky Apps team includes top guns in R&D, Design, and Marketing. Together we make the magic happen. Together we’ve built an extremely successful app portfolio that includes many apps that have turned into AppStore hits, and that are used by millions of people every day.

We are Clear Sky Apps. We make apps people love.

The list of 20 Hottest Startups in Israel.
Clear Sky Apps is number six.

5K Runner features a training program that will train you for a 5K run, even if you’ve never done it before.

in December released an app called Sleep Pillow… by January it was among the top 50 health & fitness.

If you want to run, this is the perfect app for you! No more excuses for us couch potatoes…


  • 5K Runner – Couch to 5K

    5K Runner – Couch to 5K

    Health & Fitness

  • 10K Runner

    10K Runner

    Health & Fitness

  • 21K Runner

    21K Runner

    Health & Fitness

  • 5K Forever

    5K Forever

    Health & Fitness

  • 10K Forever

    10K Forever

    Health & Fitness

  • Situps 0 to 200

    Situps 0 to 200

    Health & Fitness

  • Pushups 0 to 100

    Pushups 0 to 100

    Health & Fitness

  • Squats


    Health & Fitness

  • Pullups


    Health & Fitness

  • Situps Extreme

    Situps Extreme

    Health & Fitness

  • Pushups Extreme

    Pushups Extreme

    Health & Fitness

  • Super Note

    Super Note


  • Sleep Pillow

    Sleep Pillow

    Health & Fitness

  • Sleep Pillow Baby

    Sleep Pillow Baby

    Health & Fitness

Join Us

Clear Sky Apps makes & sells some of the most successful apps available – many of them App Store hits. Backed by 25 Million customers, we focus on building technologically advanced apps with amazing design.

We have an exciting roadmap of new products to come, products that will solve some of the biggest problems in mobile and will be among the future App Store hits. If you are talented, hard working, and interested in creating the future – we want to hear from you.

iOS Developers

Join our team of highly talented developers and work on creating our new line of awesome apps. The position is full time, from our offices in Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikvah.

Must have:

  • Strong experience in iOS or Mac OS development
  • Can learn / develop using the latest & most advanced technologies
  • Extreme professional (Top Gun)
  • Devoted to high quality
  • Creative, passionate, and hard working
  • Positive personality with a great sense of humor


  • Mobile development experience (non-iOS)
  • Experience in C++ or other OOP language
  • Fluent English (native English speaker)

Office Administrator

A very diversified & interesting position that includes administration, office projects, and marketing assistance. The position is 6 hours a day, from our offices in Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikvah.

Must have:

  • Strong computer skills (MS Office or Mac Office or Google Docs)
  • Native English – both spoken and written
  • Web savvy
  • Very creative, with strong ideas & passion for success
  • Positive personality with a great sense of humor


  • Experience with Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
  • Experience in other disciplines (marketing, QA, graphics)

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